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Alex Young

Alex Young

Lives and works in Albany, NY and Buffalo, NY

Alex Young’s Site of Metropolis consists of a series of exterior banners designed to mimic the actual banners that typically adorn development sites. They brazenly announce the future site of METROPOLIS in a manner easily mistakeable as a new hotel, nightclub or upscale restaurant. However, in borrowing that ubiquitous trope as a surface, Young ultimately does not describe a new physical structure so much as a re-emergent state of mind. As with any construction banner, companies supporting the Young-Gillette project are recognized by their fictitious logos that, while ambiguous, evoke a remarkable number of emotions and ideas. He hybridizes optimism and pathos throughout the banners. Can old dreams be pasted upon new realities? Is progress something genuinely attainable or just a hapless farce?

On view at locations throughout the city.  Please visit Additional Sites for more details.

To hear the artist’s audio statement, click the audio player below:

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