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Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

Jessica Thompson’s interactive media works playfully encompass mobile technologies to encourage audience participation and hands-on exploration to heighten awareness and perception of sound. Finding ways to incorporate and realize gratifying audio schemes into everyday life, Thompson effectively translates the inherent nomadic nature of the audio wave and seeks with clarity to share her contemplations of sound as an invisible force that pervades and co-exists in every environment. Her walking machine, Swinging Suitcase, and Bike Hack + SoundRide use arduino boards, contact mics and other media technologies to create wearable, shake-able, rentable and ride-able apparatuses that survive on active interaction between body and environment that define individual user experiences.

She will also teach people how to turn bikes into sound machines using a single playing card, a contact mic and portable speakers during a hands-on community Bike Hack workshop at Squeaky Wheel.

On view at Squeaky Wheel

To hear the artist’s audio statement, click the audio player below:

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