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Liz Phillips

Liz Phillips

Lives and works in New York, NY

For over thirty years, Liz Phillips has created interactive multi-media installations, which combine audio and visual art forms with new technologies to generate mesmerizing experiences that envelop audiences in sound and image. For Beyond/In, Phillips has reconceived a work from 1974 that she originally installed along the theater walkway at Artpark in Lewiston, New York, which immersed unsuspecting visitors into prerecorded sounds of the wind and water flowing through the Niagara Gorge. For this re-presentation Phillips moves indoors to the lobby of the Albright Knox Art Gallery, which she fills with a sonic portrait of the river at different locations throughout day, alternating the omnipresent reverberations of white noise with the quietude of wave-lapped shorelines. The conspicuous absence of the awe inspiring vistas of the Falls and the overly visual commercialism that has sprung up around it on all sides will come as a surprisingly novel and rewarding experience of one of the world’s natural wonders.

On view at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

To hear the artist’s audio statement, click the audio player below:

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